Quiz Night in London

Went to a fantastic craft beer pub in London last night, where Mondays are Quiz nights. We won best name as the legendary “Quiz on my Face” thanks to Mr. Fay’s suggestion. I’m thinking the next one should be “John Triviolta” … still working on that one.

We took pride in answering the following questions correctly (I’ll post answers in the next bloggy thingy):

1. What is the only English anagram of “Percussion”?

2. What year was Claude Levi-Strauss born? (this was an approximate guess)

3. What is the name of the British flag?

Beer of the night, in my opinion, was the aptly named Dark Star Espresso Stout. It tastes EXACTLY like coffee, but has a nice refreshing reward of an aftertaste, and instead of coffee-breath you just smell like beer! I’m not sure I would drink this regularly, but the novelty of the flavor was really nice.

I also had the honor of meeting and sharing Quiz-brains with Peter, a talented illustrator whose blog is available here. His monsters and characters are wonderfully detailed and strange, so follow him for some updates. I’m going to try to convince him to make me a calendar out of his crazy drawings.

Finally, a picture I took of a man with a fire-spitting tuba. He is real and can be witnessed around London whenever he’s not battling Leprechauns or groping Mary Poppins. He also sells CDs (fire not included)


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